All Your Questions About Edge NYC Answered

If you're planning a visit to Edge in New York, you might have a few questions before booking your tickets. Stay on this page to find out the answers to the most common questions asked by visitors.

Tickets & Tours

How much are the Edge NYC tickets?

Edge NYC tickets are priced at $41.37.

Can I skip the line with my Edge NYC online tickets?

Although you cannot skip the line to enter Edge NYC, you can choose your preferred time slot to visit the attraction.

What can I see with my Edge NYC ticket?

Your Edge NYC tickets give you access to the entire observation deck including the Glass Floor, Angled Walls, Eastern Point, & Skyline Seats. Please note that the City Climb experience is not included in your admission tickets.

Is the City Climb experience included with my entry tickets?

No, you will have to purchase separate tickets for the City Climb experience which is available on-site.

How long are my tickets valid for?

Your Edge tickets are only valid for the date and time selected during booking.

Cancellation & Discounts

Are there any discounts on Edge NYC tickets?

Children between 6 to 12 and seniors above 62 enjoy discounted ticket prices. Children 5 and below do not require tickets.

Can I cancel my Edge New York tickets?

Yes, you can cancel your tickets up to 24 hours before your visit and get a full refund.

Visitor Information

What are the opening hours of Edge NYC?

Edge NYC is open from 9 AM to 10 PM between Monday to Thursday and from 9 AM to 12 AM from Friday to Sunday.

Is Edge NYC wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Edge NYC is completely wheelchair accessible. However, the City Climb experience is not suitable for individuals with reduced mobility.

Are pets allowed inside Edge?

Only guide dogs and service animals are allowed inside Edge NYC.

What should I wear to Edge NYC?

New York weather tends to be unpredictable. Check the weather conditions before you decide what to wear for your visit.

Is there a time limit for my visit?

No, you can stay at the observation deck as long as you'd like.

What time is the last admission into Edge?

The last admission to Edge is 50 minutes before closing.

Is Edge suitable for children?

Yes, Edge is a great place to bring your children. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Are strollers allowed inside?

Yes, strollers are allowed inside but must be folded inside elevators.

Is the observation deck open during bad weather?

Yes, Edge remains open through the year, however, during extremely poor weather conditions the attraction may be shut.

Are lockers avialble at Edge?

Locker facilities are not available at Edge. Carry only small bags and backpacks with you.

Can I take pictures at Edge?

Yes, photography is permitted inside Edge.

Is there a gift shop inside?

Yes, visit Beyond the Edge on Level 4 to get your hands on exclusive souvenirs, merchandise, & gift items.

Best Time to Visit

How long does it take to visit Edge NYC?

We recommend spending at least an hour or two at Edge to completely soak in the majestic views of New York and its surroundings.

Which is the best time of year to visit Edge NYC?

Plan your visit to Edge NYC during the spring or fall months for the best views. The weather is pleasant during these months with clear skies and unobstructed views.

When is Edge the most crowded?

Edge gets very crowded on the weekends and during sunset hours. If you'd like to catch the sunset, book a late afternoon slot on a weekday and stay until sunset.

Getting There

Where is Edge NYC located?

Edge NYC is located at 30 Hudson Yards.

Which floor is Edge located on?

Edge is located on Level 100 of the building.

How do I get to Edge NYC?

You can get to Edge NYC by bus, taxi, subway, or train.
- Take subway line 7 from Times Square to get to Hudson Yards.
- Bus numbers M34-SBS, M12, and M11 all stop at Edge.
- The closest train station is Penn Station.

How far away is Edge from Times Square?

Edge is approximately 1.2 miles away from Times Square. You can take a train, bus, or taxi to get to Edge NYC.

Is parking available at Edge NYC?

Parking is available at 10 Hudson Yards, Abington House, and One Hudson Yards.

Food & Drinks

Can I bring my own food and drinks inside Edge?

Outside food and drinks are not allowed at Edge.

Are there any restaurants inside Edge?

Yes, you can visit the Champagne Bar at Edge for light snacks, wine, cocktails, and champagne.

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