All You Need to Know About the Edge Observation Deck, New York

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The Edge NYC is home to the highest outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere that offers you a great 360° view of New York City. It is a must-visit attraction when you’re in New York and you’re going to find out exactly why.

Keep reading to find out more about the Edge observation deck before your visit!

Why Should You Visit the Edge Observation Deck?

Edge NYC | Observation Deck
  • Sitting 100 floors above the city streets of Manhattan, the Edge Observation Deck is the second-highest observation deck in New York City that offers you the feeling of floating in the sky with 360-degree views of the New York skyline.
  • Get the chance to look 100 stories down from an ecstatic glass floor, lean over the city on angled glass walls as you sip champagne in the sky.
  • Enjoy prominent landmarks from the observation deck and admire everything right from Central Park to One World Trade, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building, all from the building's 100th floor.
  • The building stands out with its one-of-a-kind angled glass wall, intricate glass floor, skyline steps, and the Eastern point.

Where is the Edge Observation Deck?

Dominating the Western Manhattan skyline, the Edge is situated on the 100th floor of the 30 Hudson Yards between W30th and 33rd streets on 10th avenue. The observation deck is suspended mid-air, giving you a floating feeling in the sky with a 360-degree view that you just cannot get over!

Visit the Shops at Hudson Yards and head to the 4th floor to get to the entrance of the Edge observation deck.

The Edge Observation Deck New York Highlights

Edge NYC | Observation Deck

Outdoor Deck

The Observation Deck and its views are the main reason to visit the Edge. Suspended more than 1,100 feet above ground level and spanning 80 feet straight out into the air, you get the feeling of stepping out into the sky. Look over lower Manhattan and midtown, the Hudson River, the Statue of Liberty, and more from the Observation Sky Deck of the Edge.

Edge NYC | Observation Deck - Angled Glass Walls

Angled Glass Walls

Enjoy the thrill of leaning out over the edge with the entire New York City right under you. The angled glass walls are frameless glass panels that are boldly angled outward to give the outdoor deck a look and feel that is never seen before.

Edge NYC | Observation Deck - Glass Floor

Glass Floor

It is usually noticed that a huge crowd is often seen hovering around the glass floor of the observation deck. This glass-panelled floor is a highlight as you can stand over these panels with just 1000 feet of air below you! Watching the city streets right below your feet can be unnerving yet thrilling.

Edge NYC | Observation Deck - Skyline Seats

Skyline Seats

The Skyline Seats provide an even better and higher view of the New York City skyline from the outdoor seats. Take a seat with your friends and family and look out over the top of the glass panels and past the edge of the observation deck. Soak in the great view and get a chance to hang out in the sky, quite literally!

Edge NYC | Observation Deck

The Eastern Point

Here is a chance to feel New York like never before, where you will stand by yourself at the Eastern point surrounded by nothing but glass, sky, and thin air. From this point, you are on the far edge of the Edge. Enjoy spectacular views and click great pictures with your loved ones.

Edge NYC | Observation Deck
Edge NYC | Observation Deck city climb

Can I Visit the Edge Observation Deck?

Edge NYC | Observation Deck

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Edge Observation Deck, New York

Is the Edge an observation deck?

Yes, the Edge is the highest outdoor sky observation deck in the Western Hemisphere, with a unique design. Suspended in mid-air, this deck gives you a floating sense with great 360-degree views of the city to soak in.

How many observation decks does the Edge have?

The Edge has one observation deck that is suspended mid-air.

Can I visit the Edge observation deck?

Yes, you can visit the Edge observation deck by booking your tickets online and enjoy great views of the NYC skyline.

How much is a ticket to visit the Edge observation deck?

The Edge Observation Deck tickets start from $40.82.

What can I see from the Edge observation deck?

Enjoy a majestic panoramic view of the entire New York City skyline in one gaze. You can see right from Central Park down to the Statue of Liberty, and beyond.

Is visiting the Edge observation deck worth it?

Yes, the Edge observation deck is well worth visiting and is one of the best sky decks in the country. The Edge, New York is worth checking out for its glass floor, angled walls, and incredible views that it offers from a great height.

Is the Edge observation deck crowded?

Yes, the Edge observation deck tends to get crowded if you happen to visit during the late morning and afternoon hours, as the crowd gets thicker. 

What is the best time to visit the Edge observation deck?

Early mornings and a few hours before closing are good times to visit the Edge observation deck if you prefer exploring the place without crowds.

What floor is the Edge observation deck on?

The Edge observation deck is located at 30 Hudson Yards, in the Hudson Yards building complex on Manhattan’s west side.

What are the opening hours of the Edge observation deck?

During the low season, the opening hours are from 10 AM to 10 PM, and in the high season, from 8 AM to 12 AM