Plan Your Visit to the Iconic Edge Observatory in New York

Nested at the westernmost point of Manhattan, gain access to the stunning Manhattan skyline at Edge NYC. Keep scrolling to know more about visiting Edge NYC including the opening hours, best time to visit, highlights to catch, and more!

Edge NYC Opening Hours

the edge nyc opening hours

Best Time to Visit

best time to visit the edge nyc

If you are overwhelmed by the crowds and want to enjoy the view of New York City in a peaceful environment, it is best to visit the Edge at Hudson Yards during the off-peak days and hours as this is one of the most famous observation decks in New York City.

During weekdays, the best time to visit is either early morning or after sunset. Additionally, visitors are less likely to crowd the attraction during the shoulder seasons, like after the Christmas rush and in the spring.

Where is Edge NYC?

Situated in the Western Manhattan skyline, Edge NYC is on the 100th floor of 30 Hudson Yards between W30th and 33rd streets on 10th avenue. Enter the shops at Hudson Yards and head to the 4th floor to get to the entrance to the Edge observation deck.

Address: 30 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001, USA | Find on Maps

Closest Landmark: Hudson Yards

How to Get to Edge NYC?

the edge nyc getting there

By Public Transport

  • Subway: The closest metro station is 34 Street-Hudson Yards Subway Station, which is a 5-minute walk to Edge NYC. You can board metro line 7 to get here.
  • Train: You can take the 7 Train connecting to Hudson Yards. The A, C, and E train to 34th St. Penn Station and walk two blocks west.
  • Bus: The closest bus stop is 10 Avenue & W 30 St. This is just a 5-minute walk to Edge NYC. You can board bus M11 to get here. The M 34-SBS and M12 are the other bus lines that stop within a few minutes walk.
  • Ferry: The Midtown ferry stops at the terminal at West 39th Street and the West Side Highway. You can walk 5 blocks south to get to Hudson Yards.
  • Taxi: You can hail a local taxi or book an Uber or Lyft to get to the Edge.
the edge NYC by car or bik

By Car or Bike

  • Car: You can drive to the Edge NYC at Hudson Yards. Parking is available at 10 Hudson Yards, Abington House, and One Hudson Yards. These are located along West 30th Street’s stretch between the 10th and 11th Avenues.
  • Bike: The route to take if you're travelling by bike is through Hudson River Park along the West Side Highway. The closest CitiBike station can be found at West 34th Street and 11th Avenue at the northwest corner.

Know Before You Go

Visiting with Family
Rules & Regulations
the edge nyc facilities
  • Lockers: Avoid carrying large bags and suitcases as storage and locker facilities are not available.
  • Restrooms: Restrooms and baby-changing facilities are available at the Edge.
  • Gift Shop: Souvenir shops are available on Level 4 and Level 100.
  • Elevator: All guests can access the Edge via a state-of-the-art elevator in just 52 seconds!
  • Hand Sanitizers: Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the facility.
the edge nyc accessibility

Edge NYC offers an experience that is accessible to all with elevators and ramps for those who need them during their visit. Guests who require assistance with auxiliary aids or wheelchairs, or other services can contact Guest Services at (332) 204-8500 or in advance for additional assistance.

the edge nyc visit
  • Strollers are allowed inside the Edge but make sure you fold them up before getting into the elevator.
  • Kid-friendly restrooms and washrooms including baby-changing facilities are available inside the attraction.
  • The City Climb is suitable for children who are 13 years and above. Children between 13 to 17 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The Champagne Bar has a range of kid-friendly drink and snack options.
the edge nyc rules and regulations
  • Strollers are allowed inside but you will have to remove your child and fold your stroller to access the elevators and escalators within the Edge experience.
  • Normal-size backpacks and bags are allowed at Edge. Large bags and luggage are not permitted as there are no lockers or storage capabilities at the Edge.
  • Photography is permitted at the Edge for private use only. Professional photographic equipment, video cameras, tripods, lights, and other types of equipment are not permitted.
the edge nyc dining
the edge nyc stay


  • Four Points by Sheraton Manhattan Midtown West: This hotel is located just 2 blocks away from Javits Convention Center, Subway line 7 as well as the Lincoln Tunnel, The Shops, and Restaurants at Hudson Yards.


  • Pendry Manhattan West: Pendry Manhattan West allows easy access to Midtown’s expanding neighborhood and its array of attractions, with some of the finest shopping, dining, and cultural experiences in New York City.


  • Equinox Hotel New York: Equinox Hotels is a place that matches the scale and is a space to restore and regenerate.
Nearby the edge nyc
the edge nyc entrance

Edge NYC is situated at 30 Hudson Yards on the west side of Manhattan, along the Hudson River. The main entrance to the building is on the corner of 10th Avenue and 33rd Street.

Things to Do at Edge NYC

the edge nyc 360-degree Views
the edge nyc Observation Deck
the edge nyc glass wall

Angled Glass Walls

Enjoy the thrill of leaning out over the edge with the entire New York City right under you. The angled glass walls are frameless glass panels that are boldly angled outward to give the outdoor deck a look and feel that is never seen before.

the edge nyc glass floor

Glass Floor

It is usually noticed that a huge crowd is often seen hovering around the glass floor of the observation deck. This glass-paneled floor is a highlight as you can stand over these panels with just 1000 feet of air below you! Watching the city streets right below your feet can be unnerving yet thrilling. This is a great place to capture stunning photos!

the edge nyc skyline seats

Skyline Seats

The Skyline Seats provide an even better and higher view of the New York City skyline from the outdoor seats. Take a seat with your friends and family and look out over the top of the glass panels and past the edge of the observation deck. Soak in the great view and get a chance to hang out in the sky, quite literally!

the edge nyc eastern point

Eastern Point

Here is a chance to feel New York like never before, where you will stand by yourself at the Eastern point surrounded by nothing but glass, sky, and thin air. From this point, you are on the far edge of the Edge. Enjoy spectacular views and click great pictures with your loved ones.

the edge nyc bar
the edge nyc city climb

Visitor Tips

  • If you require an assistive listening device, these are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The Edge NYC is designed to offer access for wheelchair users, with ramps and elevators providing convenience.
  • Outside food and drinks are not permitted inside the deck, but you can head to the Champagne Bar and treat yourself to some fine wine, champagne, and snacks! 
  • Make sure you spend at least 45 minutes to an hour to have an immersive experience at Edge NYC. If you want to make the most of your visit, then we recommend you to try the City Climb, in which case you would need to spend at least 3 hours!
  • Do not forget to bring your cameras to capture the New York City skyline in all its glory!
  • Carry a jacket when visiting the deck, as it can get quite chilly, especially during sunset time.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting the Edge NYC

Can I visit Edge NYC?

Yes, you can visit the Edge observation deck by booking an entry ticket and enjoy great views of the NYC skyline.

Why should I visit Edge NYC?

The Edge observation deck should be visited as it is the second-highest observation deck in New York City that offers you the feeling of floating in the sky with 360-degree views of the New York skyline.

Can I visit Edge NYC for free?

Tickets are needed for everyone visiting Edge except for kids below the age of 5 and under, who can visit for free.

How do I book tickets to visit Edge NYC?

You can purchase your Edge NYC tickets online well in advance and enjoy great deals and discounts.

How much does it cost to visit Edge NYC?

Edge NYC tickets start from $40.82.

What is the best time to visit Edge NYC?

Early mornings and a few hours before closing are good times to visit the Edge observation deck if you prefer exploring the place without crowds.

What are Edge NYC’s opening hours?

Edge NYC is open from 9 AM to 11 PM.

Can I visit Edge NYC in a group?

Yes, you can book group reservations for groups of 15 members or more.

Can I visit Edge NYC with the kids?

Yes, the Edge is a great place for families to visit. Keep in mind that children below 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

Is the Edge NYC wheelchair friendly?

Yes, Edge is accessible to people with reduced mobility. Elevators and ramps are present to get you to the main floors.

Can I buy food and drinks at Edge NYC?

There is a Champagne Bar at Edge NYC that offers an assortment of snacks and beverage options.

How long does it take to visit Edge NYC?

It takes 45 minutes to an hour to visit Edge NYC. However, if you'd like to take part in the City Climb and visit the Champagne Bar, we recommend spending at least 2 hours at Edge.

Is it worth visiting Edge NYC?

Yes, the Edge observation deck is well worth visiting and is one of the best sky decks in the country. Marvel at its glass floor, angled walls, and incredible views from a great height.