Discover the unique exhibits on the different floors of SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt offers three floors packed with immersive experiences, each with a different theme. Located on the 91st through 93rd floors of One Vanderbilt, you can experience interactive art exhibits, stunning views, and innovative technology as you journey through the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floors.

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floors

91st Floor

AIR: Transcendence 1 - SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floors

AIR: Transcendence 1

Enter the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt experience through ‘Air’, a stunning art installation by Kenzo Digital. Transcendence 1, the first exhibit, is a captivating mirror room with enormous windows displaying the city skyline and the Empire State Building in the foreground along with reflective surfaces that are cast against these windows.

Reflect - SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floors


As you exit Transcendence 1, you will enter the next room called Reflect. This exhibit has been designed to be the kind of space you can meditate in. Here you can experience the art installation ‘Cloud’ by renowned artist Yayoi Kusama, which has been set on the floor. Enjoy the serene installation and let this room calm your senses.

AIR: Affinity - SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floors

AIR: Affinity

Affinity is a continuation of the art installation ‘AIR’. Silver blobs float through the air creating a dream-like sequence. This interactive exhibit lets you play around with the blobs and bring out your inner child! The mirrored floors and ceilings create a dramatic effect and create endless photo opportunities.

92nd Floor

AIR: Transcendence 2 - SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floors

AIR: Transcendence 2

Transcendence 2 is the second level of the mirrored room, an extension of Transcendence 1. This is a sensory treat that offers a unique perspective to all its visitors. Get transported to a world of vivid visuals as you look down through the glass portals on the floor.

Levitation - SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floors


Levitation is another thrilling part of the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt experience. Get a rush of adrenalin as you step out on a glass-paneled floor and take in the view of the city streets below. This installation has two glass boxes with floor-to-ceiling windows and a glass floor perched 1,063 feet above street level.

AIR: Unity - SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floors

AIR: Unity

Inside the Unity exhibit, you get to, quite literally, see your face in the clouds! Just scan your wristband before you enter this room and enter a space with a digital installation that projects your face in the clouds. Find your face and take amazing pictures of yourself!

93rd Floor

Après - SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floors
Terrace - SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floors
Ascent - SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floors
Boutique - SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floors

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Frequently asked questions about the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floors

Which floor is SUMMIT One Vanderbilt located on?

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is located on the 91st, 92nd, and 93rd floors of One Vanderbilt.

How many floors does SUMMIT One Vanderbilt have?

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt has three floors, from the 91st through the 93rd floors of One Vanderbilt.

How do I access the different SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floors?

You can buy a SUMMIT One Vanderbilt ticket to access the different floors.

Does my ticket give me access to all the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floors?

Yes, your ticket gives you access to all the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floors. However, the glass elevator requires a separate ticket that can be bought onsite.

Which SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floor has the observation deck?

The main observation deck of SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is located on the 93rd floor. However, you can also view New York City's skyline from the exhibits on the 91st and 92nd floors.

What is on the first floor of SUMMIT One Vanderbilt?

The first SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floor houses 3 exhibits called Transcendence 1, Reflect, and Affinity.

What is on the second floor of SUMMIT One Vanderbilt?

On the second floor of SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, you will find the experiences Transcendence 2, Levitation, and Unity.

What is on the top floor of SUMMIT One Vanderbilt?

On the top floor of SUMMIT One Vanderbilt you will find the main observation deck, Après Café, the Ascent elevator, and the gift shop.

How much time should I spend on each SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floor?

We suggest that you spend between 1.5 to 2 hours on the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt floors to fully enjoy your experience. Spend at least 30-40 minutes on the 91st floor, around 20-30 minutes on the 92nd floor, and about 30-45 minutes on the 93rd floor.